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One of Mark's passions is weddings, he loves the classic style along with a documentary approach to lighting and posing. He will show you how he uses natural light, how he arranges groups (of which you will be part of), how he uses fill in flash in those bright conditions (weather permitting), and how he makes people want to be part of the images he takes.


He will show you how to cope with bad weather, how to get the best from your bride and groom (yes the groom is part of the day)...


He will then move on to show you how he downloads images, sorts and edits them all within a few hours, a typical wedding for Mark will be about 800 images, and he can sort, edit and have them on-line in a matter of a few hours.


The courses are run at the amazing Warbrook House in Eversley, Hampshire. Mark has shot over 150 weddings at this venue. so there are not many places he does not know.


Courses are limited to just 5 people and are £195 per person including lunch and tea/coffee all day.


Next course to be confirmed

These are great day’s, no “Ego” talks, just pure photography and fun. I will have 3 or 4 different sets (depending on space) and one model between 5 photographers, so 10 photographers = 2 models.


Equipment on the day varies as to what is current on the market, but at the least there will be:


Elinchrom Ranger Quadra with two heads

Elinchrom Ranger RX with two heads

Elinchrom D-Lite RX 1 Kit with two heads

Elinchrom ELC 500 Pro HD x 2

Nikon Speedlights x 3

Cactus-Image RF60 Speedlights x 2

Cactus V6 Triggers x 4

Lastolite Urban Backgrounds x 4

Lastolite Out of Focus Backgrounds x 2

Lastolite Panoramic Background (Black)


There are so many accessories at hand as well, lots to choose from, snoots, reflectors, beauty dishes and  parabolic brollies. I will be demonstrating the new ELC Pro HD 500 Heads from Elinchrom, and the different effects you can achieve using the “Strobe” effect built into the heads.


If its a nice day we can get outside and start learning about high speed sync, and of course I am there for any help you may need, I just want people to have fun on the day at a very low cost, (the cost is really just to pay the model and the venue).




Working with Elinchrom, Lastolite and Manfrotto products we will be working hard on lighting techniques, the “do’s” the “dont’s”. We will look at Hard and Soft lighting, the classic Clamshell, Butterfly and Rembrandt set ups. Along with some of Mark's more inventive lighting techniques.


0930 Meet

1000 Meet and Greet, Itinerary Talk

1030 Equipment we will be using, portable kit, talk about fashion, short slide show.

1130 Shoot - 1 - Beauty

1300 Lunch

1400 Shoot - 2 - Sculpture

1530 Quick Break

1545 Shoot  - 3 - Lingerie

1700 Summary -

1730 - Finish


Course Details


Date: TBA

Price: £79 per person

Delegates: 10

Venue: TBA





After 10 years of giving talks around the country, Mark has been asked to put together an intensive Marketing Course for Photographers. The one day course is about making your business grow, you have to be honest with yourself on the day, and answer a series of questions (not to the other delegates, but on your own business).


Your Learning Curve

You will start with the basics of keeping a database and go right through the Marketing spectrum including building a complete business and marketing plan. You will learn financials and the importance of budgeting. You will learn the importance of working with Wedding Venues, and how to get the best from them.


Upon Leaving

Upon leaving the course your head will be full of new business generating ideas, you will go back with a complete understanding of how your business will grow in the future.


This is by far my most ambitious course for photographers wanting to grow their business, its tough. it will be hard work, and don’t expect to finish early. There are no sponsors involved, so no other company is taking up your time, only you guys and myself.




09.00 Meet and Greet at Venue

09.30 Introduction to the day

10.00 Keeping Track of Clients

11.00 Exercise - 1

11.30 Exercise - 2

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Exercise - 3

14.30 Exercise - 4

15.00 Promotions

15.30 How to gain more Portraits

16.00 How to gain more Weddings

16.30 Knowing Your Competition

17.00 Finish


Itinerary Changes

The Itinerary can change during the day as we may spend more time on certain subjects than others. I have prepared the times based on previous days.









This is a great day out with Mark, using Natural light and Flash in off the wall situations. You will need to wrap up warn as the conditions can get a bit breezy.


You will learn to control Natural light with reflectors and balance this with battery pack flash. You will learn new technical skills with your camera. How to achieve Day to Night shots. You will be learning how to interact with your subject, and how to get the best from them. The model will have a change of clothes for each shoot.


Upon leaving the course your head will be buzzing with new creative ideas, you will be wanting to put into practice as soon as possible. You will also be able to use the images from the day as all my models will sign a release form so you will have a new portfolio of images with you.


The Day


0930 Meet at The Custard Factory, Birmingham

1000 Meet and Greet, Itinerary Talk

1030 Equipment we will be using, portable kit

1130 Shoot - 1

1300 Lunch

1400 Shoot - 2

1530 Quick Break

1545 Shoot  - 3

1700 Finish







Up Coming Courses


20th April - Hampshire - Marketing £79

29th April - Urban Street - Flash Centre £79

27th May - Play Day - Norwich - £30


July - Play Day - Leeds - Venue and date to be confirmed

July - Urban Street - Urban Street - Flash Centre £79

4th July - Studio - Blue Creek Studios Portsmouth TBC